Aml Maple 5.05

Aml Maple is the keyboard layout indicator for Windows. Aml Maple has a new kind of view on keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible. Aml Maple indicates the active layout being currently used (the language you are typing at this particular moment). It is always in front of you, exactly at the place you are typing! An usage is very simple. For example, you can configure the red cursor for English and the blue cursor one for French (or any other). Once you change your language layout, cursor color will change accordingly.

It's easy to find: just look at the typing place or mouse cursor.
It's easy to understand: current layout can be indicated with colored symbols and/or national flag icon.
It's easy to use: indicator is compatible with absolutely most of the programs: both windowed and console.
It's easy to correct text: select incorrect text, press hotkey — receive text in correct keyboard layout.

Just try it. Just buy it. Just use it.
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see less balloon pop-ups or customization

As I described in the comments, when the tray-icon is active it is too intrusive. Please reduce the triggers for the balloon pop-up or at least allow the end-user to customize what will trigger one.
Bob Moore, 21.03.2017, 15:02
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Change shortcut for translation

As I described in the comments, the shortcut Ctr+Alt+q is very awkward. I would suggest using a letter on the right-hand side of the keyboard in conjunction with Ctr+Alt
Bob Moore, 21.03.2017, 15:04
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enable icon without editing ini

As I commented below, If you disable the tray-icon the only way to get it back (and getting access to the program's settings) is by editing the ini. I suggest there be a keyboard-shortcut to achieve that. Another good alternative would be to bring...
Bob Moore, 21.03.2017, 15:07